Capacity to For Pipe Elbows

Honda bend  Products can bend pipe from 3/8in OD to 6in OD through the rotary draw pipe bending process.  Bends as tight as having a center-line radius of only two times the outside diameter of the pipe (a “2D” bend) can be done with no distortion. The company has over 600 die sets that match the OD of the pipe to be bent and the desired radius. Consequently, Chicago Metal almost never has to ask its customers for a tooling charge.

The company can bend from 3/8in OD to 24in OD pipe and tubing through the three-roll bending process.  It operates one of the largest pipe bending machines in the country and has the tooling to perform steel pipe bending of 24in, 20in, 18in, 16in, 14in, 12in, 10in, and 8in pipe as well as all the smaller sizes of pipe.

Pipe Elbows: Value-Added Services

In addition to bending pipe for elbows, the company can drill, flare, cope, and do other ancillary operations. For one customer, Chicago Metal bends aluminum pipe elbows, power washes the bent sections, and stacks the parts on green lumber because the elbows will be heat treated.

Pipe Elbow Applications

Applications include process piping, bollards, and ductwork, as well as component parts of equipment and machinery. Honda bend has produced pipe elbows to transport water to put out oil well fires during both Iraq wars.