General welded pipe is used for transporting low pressure
liquid. Use Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel manufacturing. Also can be used
to other mild steel welding manufacturing. Welded steel pipe for
pressure, bending, flattening and so on experiment, the surface quality
is a certain request, usually the delivery length is from 4 to 10 m,
which often required scale delivery of the goods. Of the specifications
of the welded steel pipe in nominal diameter nominal diameter is
different from the actual, welded pipe with wall thickness by the
regulation with ordinary steel pipe and thickening steel pipe, steel
pipe and the form of the pipe end points with thread and don’t take two.

Galvanized steel pipe, in order to improve the corrosion
resistance of steel tube, for galvanized welded steel pipe commonly.
Zinc galvanization steel tube hot dip galvanized and electrical steel,
hot dip galvanized zinc coating thickness, the cost of electric is low.
Oxygen tube welding is used for steelmaking oxygen tube. It is generally
with small diameter welding pipe, specifications by 3/8 inch – 2 inch
eight. With 8, 10, 15, 20, or Q195 – made of Q235 steel strip. For
corrosion protection, some aluminized processing.

The wire casing is ordinary carbon welded steel pipe,
used in concrete and various power distribution project, common nominal
diameter from 13-76 – mm. Wire set set wall is thinner, mostly for
coating or galvanized after use, requirements for cold bending test. The
metric system of welded pipe, which specifications in the form of a
seamless tube, expressed in mm outside diameter with thick wall of
welded steel pipe. It can be used for ordinary carbon steel, quality
carbon steel or low alloy steel in the tropics, cold welding, or with
tropical again after the cold welding method is made. Metric can tube
welding points, and thin wall, the common used as a structure, such as
transmission shaft, or transmission fluid, thin wall used to make
furniture, lamps and lanterns and so on to ensure that the steel pipe
strength and bending test.

The roller tube is used in belt conveyor roller welded
steel pipe. Q215, Q235A, B are commonly used in steel and 20 steel
manufacture, 63.5 219.0 mm in diameter. Of tube bending, end face to the
center line of the vertical, ovality has certain requirements, general
water pressure and the flattening test. Transformer tube is used in the
manufacture of transformer radiator pipe and other heat exchanger. It is
using common carbon steel manufacturing, requirement of flattening,
flaring, bending and hydraulic test. Welded steel pipe to length or
delivery times ruler, steel tube bending has certain requirements.
Welding thin wall pipe is mainly used for making furniture, toys, lamps
and so on. The current belt made of stainless steel thin wall welded
steel pipe application is very wide, senior furniture, decoration,
fencing and so on.